Slap in the face for Rape Victims!

With the Ched Evans furor showing no signs of abating, I have come across another story which I think is worth sharing. A man by the name of Daniel Cresswell owns a company called Certo Enterprises. As of 27th June 2014, he has been in a jail cell in Leeds having been convicted of rape and given a sentence of 7 years. It has come to our attention that this man continues to profit whilst in jail. His company sells electronic cigarettes through their website ( and through small retail units based in shopping centers throughout the UK.

I have learnt that a few of these shopping centres have terminated contracts for this company Certo Enterprises Ltd, but they still have many more. Here are some of the shopping centres that still have Certo Enterprises in their centre:

Saint Nicholas shopping centre

St Nicholas Way





The Ashley Centre

Ashley House Annexe

Ashley Road



KT18 5AB

I will be updating more details soon…